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Packaging processes are both easier and safer with automotive spare part boxes, which are revealed by analyzing the spare parts sector needs. The boxes, which have different sizes, designs and forms, are designed with configurable flexibility according to the type and size of the spare part. Sensitive spare parts are now safe with specially designed box forms for spare parts manufacturers who aim to better manage their cargo and packaging processes.


What are automotive spare parts boxes and what are they not?

The functionality of the boxes, which ensure the safe transportation of various materials, varies according to their usage areas. It is not correct to talk about the same box form and quality for every product.

For this reason, there are more durable box designs with the most suitable box form and raw material for the needs of the automotive spare parts sector. Especially in the process of boxing function of heavy spare parts, the need for durable boxes is quite high. Thus, the possibility of the box being punctured and deformed due to part pressure is minimized. With the box, safe transportation of the spare part becomes possible.

If the boxes manufactured and designed for the automotive industry are thin and uncoated, the probability of deformation increases. Therefore, in terms of material selection and production technology, the production of boxes produced specifically for the automotive sector using qualified materials is inevitable in terms of spare part safety. In addition, another point to be considered at this point is to prioritize functionality in boxes.

How are automotive spare parts box designs prepared?

The spare parts industry has many different material designs. It is advantageous to prefer spare parts boxes, which stand out with their special design, especially during the boxing of vital parts. Because, in specially designed boxes, the fixing chambers suitable for the part model and design are designed in a one-to-one harmony with the shape of the material. Thus, the material will not be shaken during transportation. Thanks to the box systems with chambers, one hundred percent protection of the material is ensured, while the decomposition of the parts is prevented.

Spare part box designs include standard boxes as well as different box options that can be adjusted according to the leg size. Large, medium and smaller sized boxes can be custom manufactured according to the characteristics of your spare part product range. In addition, special box systems can be designed for very sensitive plastic parts, glass or spare parts with different material details.

Spare parts are safer with automobile box designs manufactured using first-class materials!


Beverage and food-class products are in the category of the most attention-grabbing. In this respect, it is very important that the packaging technologies have a form that does not harm the product content, protects the product and is suitable for maintaining its freshness. With the new generation technology and box technologies, it is possible to produce boxes with functional use specific to the food and beverage industry. Whether it is liquid, solid or gel foods, food and beverage boxes that provide optimum efficiency with special work are produced in accordance with your brand strategy.


What are food & beverage boxes?

It is necessary to pay attention to the safe journey of the products that are aimed to be delivered to the final consumer, from the first journey to the last moment. In this process and in each of the stages, there may be external factors that harm the product. Products exposed to various external factors, from the freshness of the product to the deterioration of its structure, cause damage.

The primary way to prevent these is to take advantage of packaging products that meet the protective, food codex standards. Our brand, which has a very efficient product range in this regard, produces special box designs for your business product range by considering high standards.

The prominent designs in food and beverage can products may vary according to liquid and solid products. In addition, there is a need for separate boxing criteria for hot and cold product services. For example, thanks to the thick structure of pizza boxes, it is aimed to confine the heat inside the box. However, for a restaurant, the consideration in the cake boxes is the design and the dimensions suitable for the cake size. In order to decide on the box features that vary according to the product content, the products in your product range should be analyzed.


Information about food & beverage can designs

Box sizes designed according to the product size have dimensions and dimensions that allow a product to be stocked without disturbing its structure. At this point, the advantage to be obtained by performing the best scaling process is to keep the box costs at the best level. Thus, you can have the opportunity to make competitive pricing on product prices with the savings achieved. In addition, while paying attention to the selection of first-class materials in terms of ensuring efficiency, productions in accordance with the prominent trend box designs are included. Particularly, the safe transportation of products is facilitated by the production of divided boxes and boxes, which make the transportation of liquid foods better and undamaged.

In box and parcel designs, useful boxes that contribute positively to brand awareness and image are produced by printing the brand emblem, colors and special designs on the boxes.


Parcels and boxes facilitating the transportation of fruits and vegetables are specially designed for your product range with their structures in different sizes and designs. It is important that the boxes preferred during transportation or storage of fruits and vegetables have a long-lasting and durable structure. In addition, the use of parcels or boxes, instead of carrier materials made of wooden material, provides storage or transportation opportunities at much more affordable costs. In this sense, you can ensure that your product range is transferred in a healthy way by paying attention to the quality of the fruit & vegetable boxes produced.


What are fruit & vegetable boxes and parcels?

With the vegetable & fruit boxes that stand out with their high weight, you can transport your products in a healthier and safer way. In this respect, the boxes are designed and produced specifically for the fruit that is targeted to be transported. While the box designs of tomato or similar products have the same dimensions and dimensions, more suitable box designs can be made for bananas and derivative products. In addition, you can have special parcels and boxes for your brand with design dressing works that will ensure that the designs reflect your brand and corporate identity.

Parcel and box materials preferred in this process have a moisture resistant structure. Thus, the possibility of deformation of parcels and boxes is minimized. The outer and inner surfaces of the boxes, which are produced by choosing high-weight kraft material in order not to deform during transportation and transportation, can be designed as desired. In addition, a more corporate box design can be created by processing the brand emblem or the desired colors inside the box floor.


What do vegetable & fruit box designs consist of?

Different designs can be made in vegetable and fruit box designs. You can have boxes that contribute to the awareness and image of your brand thanks to the designs obtained with the quality printing method. In this process, it can be ensured that the brand emblem, colors and the message that is desired to be highlighted as a corporate are included in the parcel. Design work can be done on the white outer surface, as well as on the inner surface in a different way.

In addition to the design, the box size and dimensions can be planned differently from each other. Especially for closed box preference, modular boxes consisting of parcels and lids can be produced. It is important to choose the most suitable box according to the products included in the brand. Thus, it becomes possible to minimize costs with the packaging process that provides optimum efficiency.


The first tangible contact you establish with your customers while marketing your products with e-commerce at home and abroad is your box and then your product. Users who pay attention to many details, from the quality of the box used in the packaging to the care shown, before the product quality, increase the possibility of losing customers due to their products damaged by careless packaging. Moreover, the mishaps experienced due to the wrong box forms and designs preferred in packaging will come back to you as negative comments. The method that will protect you from comments that have a negative effect on your brand image is box designs specially produced for e-commerce & logistics.


What are e-commerce & logistics boxes? Are e-commerce and logistics boxes any different from other box forms?

First of all, let's note that each box form and design has different dimensions for the product. In addition, the boxes have different features in terms of design and functionality. In this context, you should determine what kind of packaging model you should choose when determining the box products that your institution needs.

For example, boxes with a modular structure in the form of body + lid can be opened very easily and offer a practical use. However, extra precautions should be taken, such as tightly taping the cover so that it does not open during transportation. In addition, box designs with a self-locking system offer a more protective opportunity and create a reliable packaging opportunity with extra application such as banding.


What do e-commerce & logistics box designs consist of?

It is necessary to pay attention to the first class quality of boxes with different sizes and forms according to your product portfolio. Because packaging, which represents the most critical stage of the e-commerce logistics process, is the most important element that prevents the product from breaking or being damaged during transportation. While foam specific to the product design can be used to fix the product in the box, it is possible to provide the same opportunity by making the box divided. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of kraft and its derivatives as box material. Thus, it is possible to obtain a more durable box.


In order to achieve optimum efficiency, boxes of different sizes can be designed according to your product range and average basket ratio. In addition, it is very beneficial for brand positioning to have your brand emblem printed on the front or cover section of the boxes, which should reflect your corporate image. In addition, the use of colored boxes is a choice that has a positive effect on your corporate image. Box designs suitable for your product range, especially by representatives of boutique sectors such as cosmetics, express an important way to impress your customers.


The cosmetics industry, which is one of the most colorful and vibrant sectors, is an area that stands out with its products that add color to the care ritual of its target audience. Almost every stage of the applications in this field is carried out with great precision and care. Box designs, which represent the most important part of the stages in the cosmetics industry, which has a very selective, variable and meticulous audience, is another aspect of influencing the customer base. No matter how good and beautiful the content is, the less likely the product will attract attention due to the failure of packaging. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the most ideal boxes for creams, serums, skin care ampoules and other different cosmetic products.


What are cosmetic boxes?

The product range in the cosmetics industry is quite wide and among the most important issues of the industry representatives, who meet their customers with new products every period, are qualified box designs. Boxes are of particular importance both for the products and for the boxes used during the delivery of the products. The boxes to be preferred in the preferred boxing process during the shipping process must be of high quality.

Quality boxes should be at the forefront, especially against breaking, spilling and damaging factors for the user's product, especially during transportation. In this respect, the risks during transportation are minimized by choosing boxes that are high in weight and compatible with the product size.

In addition to the boxes preferred in the shipping process, the box design of the cosmetic product produced is also very important. Box designs should be signed in which the details of the product-specific design work together with the colors reflecting the corporate identity of the brand are highlighted in the best way. In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to the print quality as well as the first class material selection of the box. Thus, it may be possible to reflect all the details of the product-specific design on the box in the best way. This reflects positively on the brand image.

Information about cosmetic boxes sizes

The box sizes preferred in the cosmetics sector are much smaller and medium-sized box models compared to the other sector. The size of the products produced has a great influence on this. The production of the most suitable boxes for the product structure by making the most accurate measurement with millimeter calculations is very important in terms of efficiency. This makes it easy for you to get the right box scales at optimum cost. This ensures that the savings achieved in the boxing process are reflected positively on the product price.

We are at your side with advanced cutting technology and printing devices for box designs in the most suitable size and dimensions for the cosmetic product scale!


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